Pet Policy

To ensure that all guests, pet owners and non-pet owners, enjoy their stay we have established the following Pet Policy. Pets are only allowed in your personal R.V. and on your campsite. If your pet joins you for your stay at AK, you must observe the following. Failure to comply with AK’s Pet Policy will result in loss of the guests’ camping privileges and no refund of camping fees.

  1. Americamps RV is the sole decision maker in regard to any issue regarding pets and reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to consider other factors in addition to those described below.
  2. Pets MUST wear current and valid rabies tag.
  3. Pets must be kept inside your camping unit unless you are outside. When outside, pets must be on a short leash and never tied to trees, posts, your camping unit, etc.
  4. Pets may be off your site only when being walked on the road directly to or from the nearest designated dog walk area.
  5. Pets are not allowed in or near any public buildings, bathhouses’, swimming pools, ball fields, playgrounds or any other common areas.
  6. When walking your pet, you must carry a means of cleaning up your pet’s waste. DO NOT ALLOW PETS TO RELIEVE THEMSELVES IN FLOWER BEDS.
  7. Walk pets only in designated pet walk areas, always clean up your pet’s waste and dispose of the waste in the receptacle provided. Do not walk-through Campsites.
  8. Pets must not disturb other guests. Excessive barking or other disruptive behavior will not be tolerated and the pet owner will be required to remove the offending pet from the premises.
  9. Pets must be left inside your camping unit when you are away from your site. Please be careful to consider outside weather conditions (heat, cold, etc.) when securing your pet inside your camping unit.
  10. You are responsible for providing adequate ventilation and climate control for your pet while still securely confining your pet to your camping unit.
  11. Attack prone dog breeds and exotic pets are not permitted at AK. Please ask prior to arrival.