Richmond Raceway Complex

A sprawling 800-acre facility, the Richmond Raceway Complex offers more than 300,000 square feet of space for exhibitions, meeting spaces and much more. More than 1.2 million people visited the Richmond Raceway Complex in 2007 for special events, corporate meetings, concerts, consumer trade shows and outdoor festivals. After viewing the complex’s Schedule of Events, be sure to Register Today by calling (804) 228-7500!

King’s Dominion

Two great parks for the price of one: King’s Dominion is Virginia’s ONLY 2-in 1 Theme Park and Waterpark and offers wet or dry fun for the young and old! Boasting Tidal Wave Bay, the new second wave pool for the Waterpark, and 12 roller coasters to choose from, you’ll have tons of fun at King’s Dominion!

Redskins Training Camp

The Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center sets a new standard in the NFL for summer training camp facilities. The project provides state of the art facilities designed especially for the Redskins during the three-week training period.


If you’d like to know what Monticello looks like, take a nickle out of your pocket and look at the back. That’s right! This historic landmark was the estate of Thomas Jefferson, the principle author of the declaration of Independence and the third President of the United States, as well as the founder of the University of Virginia. Jefferson himself designed this beautiful building, and your trip certainly wouldn’t be complete without paying it a visit.

Canal Walk – Richmond

The Canal Walk, going along the James River, provides seclusion and a very peaceful stroll while also giving small tidbits of history about the canal and streets. Traversable at night or during the day, feel free to bring a friend or family to enjoy the walk with.

Berkeley Plantation

Labeled “Virginia’s Most Historic Plantation,” Berkeley Plantation certainly lives up to it name! It’s the site of the first official Thanksgiving in 1619, the birthplace of Benjamin Harrison (a signer of the Declaration of Independence) and President William Henry Harrison (a.k.a Old Tippecanoe). This is a landmark you won’t want to miss!

Historic Richmond

The city of Richmond, Virginia is so rich with history that you may be afraid to move a single stone you come across, in case it is a landmark! Don’t worry, though, Richmond is as accessible and fun as it is historic. You’ll find, in this city’s 400-year history, the second successful English settlement of the New world, the former capital of the Confederacy, the Edgar Allan Poe Museum, the John Marshall House and much more. You won’t be disappointed!

Edgar Allen Poe Museum

The Poe Museum provides a retreat into early 19th century Richmond where Edgar Allan Poe lived and worked. The museum features Poe’s life and career by documenting his accomplishments with pictures, relics, and verse, and focusing on his many years in Richmond.

Museum of the Confederacy

The Museum of the Confederacy’s rich collection of civilian and military Civil War artifacts relating to the Confederate States of America, as well as the post-war “Lost Cause” era, is a valuable resource for the study of the role of the Confederacy in the War and in our society today.

St. John’s Church

St. John’s Church was the first church built in the city of Richmond. It was completed in 1741 as part of the Henrico Parish. The parish was established in 1611. William Byrd II, founder of the city of Richmond, donated the land and timber to build the church.

Richmond National Battlefield Park

Richmond’s story is not just the tale of one large Civil War battle, nor even one important campaign. Instead, the park’s resources include a naval battle, a key industrial complex, the Confederacy’s largest hospital, dozens of miles of elaborate original fortifications, and the evocative spots where determined soldiers stood paces apart and fought with rifles, reaping a staggering human cost.

Hollywood Cemetary
Hollywood Cemetary was designed in 1847 in the “rural” style to escape grid-like monotony of older cemetaries. Its paths wind through valleys, over hills and beneath stately trees with natural tranquility as if they were unplanned. It’s natural landscape makes this America’s most beautiful “garden” cemetary.

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